Empowering society
for financial autonomy
When it comes to our money, we want to be in full control.
We believe in a financial system that promotes equality and inclusivity. A system that allows individuals to move their money around the world for next to nothing and in an instant.

There is an alternative of the existing status quo of money and we are on a mission to make it available to local communities. Our goal is to spread the adoption of cryptocurrencies and achieve greater financial autonomy.
Our Vision
Starting from Sofia, Bulgaria, we work on growing, educating, and gathering the local community so that we can create an ecosystem. In this ecosystem, we onboard local merchants to accept Bitcoin Cash payments and crypto enthusiasts to sell their coins and withdraw cash at our Cryptomats.

Our team has been involved in blockchain since its creation. As early adopters, we believe in the financial autonomy of the individual. We created POYPE to provide an alternative and use Bitcoin Cash in everyday transactions.
The Bitcoin Revolution
As a technological invention, Bitcoin can be compared to the Internet or the personal computer from the 70s. It is a decentralised digital currency that doesn’t have a single authority or a central bank to govern it. Instead, it relies on a network called blockchain. Blockchain allows us to make peer-to-peer transactions. Every block of it contains data of all previous transactions and all computers that run the network cross-check this information again and again.

Benefits of Bitcoin
• It allows you to be your own bank
• It separates the money from the state
• It doesn’t discriminate or exclude
• Information in the network can’t be forged

Bitcoin was invented in 2008 by an anonymous creator under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. Shortly after publishing The Bitcoin Whitepaper, he released its code as open-source software. A decade later, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies while Bitcoin became so popular that it faced a major scalability issue. This lead to the creation of Bitcoin Cash that’s light and fast. Bitcoin Cash is a fork (split version) of Bitcoin, brought by members of its community. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a great alternative to electronic cash. You can use it to pay for your coffee on the way to work or send millions abroad. The network fees are insignificant and transactions only take a few seconds to complete.
Get Started
Get a Bitcoin Cash wallet mobile app
Get a wallet, such as the Bitcoin.com wallet app. It is available on both Android and iPhone and it lets you store and transact with the crypto-currency. Now you can send and receive Bitcoin Cash anywhere in the world.
Accept Bitcoin Cash payments in your shop
All you need is Bitcoin Cash wallet and a merchant app on your mobile device. The app helps you calculate the owed amount in Bitcoin Cash, and generates a QR code that your customers need to scan to make a payment.
Locate shops that accept Bitcoin Cash
Spending is easy when you do it with your mobile. Use the Marco Coino app to locate the nearest merchants that accept Bitcoin Cash in your area. By shopping there, you support the development of our crypto ecosystem.
Buy/sell Bitcoin Cash at our cryptomats
You can easily buy and sell Bitcoin Cash at our cryptomat located in Park Center Sofia. All you need is a smartphone and a wallet app. The cryptomat will take you through a few simple steps to complete your transaction.
Join local Bitcoin Cash community meetups
Behind Bitcoin Cash, there is a strong global community. We host local Bitcoin Cash meetup once a month where you can connect with other supporters of the currency and exchange valuable information.
Invite your favourite shop to accept crypto
What is your favourite place that serves delicious food and drinks? Invite them to accept an alternative form of payment and support our vision for financial autonomy. Lets build our local crypto ecosystem together!
Behind every strong community, there is intentionality and willingness to creat common purpose. Our community is open. Everyone is invited. We embrace diversity and inclusiveness. Come join us! We have fun together. Discover about the blockchain revolution. Meet other people, share and learn.