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Pay with Bitcoin Cash, earn cashback and learn more about the financial system you are a part of.

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Wallet Revolution

To be able to receive, send and store Bitcoin Cash, you need a wallet application.

  1. Go to wallet.bitcoin.com
  2. Download the wallet
  3. Receive and pay with Bitcoin Cash, by scanning QR code - fast and easy.

When you have a mobile wallet, you can:

  • receive Bitcoin cash
  • send Bitcoin cash
  • pay with Bitcoin cash

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The Golden Circle - discounts and crypto

You can pay with Bitcoin Cash at restaurants, gyms, beauty salons and more. When you pay with Bitcoin Cash, you get:

  • instant cashback - you get part of the amount of your bill back in your wallet
  • discounts - discounts on your bill, only for club members
  • the more you pay with Bitcoin Cash, the more you earn. See where you can pay with Bitcoin Cash here

Ambassador Program

We believe that good ideas, like financial autonomy, need ambassadors. Refer a local business willing to accept Bitcoin Cash as a payment method.

  1. Share the idea with a restaurant, business or other merchant. Read more here
  2. Put us in touch with a business owner who is interested in our services.
  3. If we sign a cotract with him, you get a bonus in Bitcoin Cash.
Wallet Cash Wallet

When you install a Bitcoin Cash wallet, you can receive, send and pay with Bitcoin Cash

  1. Download wallet from bitocin.com
  2. See where Bitcoin Cash is accepted here
  3. Get instant cashback by paying with Bitcoin Cash
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The Golden Circle

Pay with Bitcoin Cash at some of the merchants and you get cashback in Bitcoin Cash.

  1. You have installed a Bitcoin Cash wallet
  2. You have bought Bitcoin Cash, e.g. from BuyBCH by POYPE
  3. You pay with Bitcoin Cash at some of the merchants
  4. Send a picture of your payment and BCH address to info@poype.io
Ambassador Program Steps

Refer a merchant interested in receiving payments with Bitcoin Cash. We will give you a one-time bonus up to 150 BGN and percentage of the Bitcoin Cash turnover for the first months. Our goal is to promote Bitcoin Cash as a payment method.

  1. Refer a merchant
  2. Put us in contact with the merchant
  3. Appoint a meeting with us to sign a cotract
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